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Thread: How People Are Getting Banned From 5 Minutes of Effort

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    Someone give this man a tissue. Fluffer

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    a once good game now reduced to such low depths....

    never seen a sight that doesn't look better looking back

    glad i don't have to deal with it any more


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eminim View Post
    If it stays Banned, I hope envony releases all the HH's he has in there. I do agree with the statement about the 4k voting alts. I am assuming that they are being logged in with Autohotkey just to vote on a few selected ip's all trough the day. Evony must see all the accounts logging in day in and day out to do nothing more than to vote. If everyone did the same thing as Kaymion, there would be 50k voting alts on the server.
    You don't really want evony to look at all the accounts logging in from a certain IP do you?.. I mean explain all DJ rippers alts how about your
    0bullet account or the 24/7 bot spam your alliance does. Maybe they should take a look at all your alliances glitched troops.. Go back to server opening then look at your accounts now..
    How about that Dave reset all accounts to the troop numbers they had on day 1 of the server. That fixes the troop glitch issue.

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    Im sorry Eminim. I forgot to mention the account you are currently hitting from right now your alt called oblivious at least when you port your alt around don't do it from the city you have suzed its less obvious that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamble View Post
    a once good game now reduced to such low depths....

    never seen a sight that doesn't look better looking back

    glad i don't have to deal with it any more
    Never before has a greater truth been spoken.

    And nice one cush. Very nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    None of these accounts should be banned, I've asked for CS to perform a full review and resolve this issue again.
    dave..Ive just meet 2 friends I havent spoken too since longer..came out they are both banned too! asked them to send tickets to evony.. but my experience showed is to ask u here in forum.. so:

    could u pls look into reactivating HellBoy666 and Ryano on ca1 ??? thanks

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    I have been gone from evony for about 2 yrs now and came back to see if it was even still open and if so what new BS is being done. When I left I had thought I seen it all, but after reading this thread I see that I havent seen all the low down dirty **** that goes on in this game. it truly does amaze me how long you people have put up with this nonsense. I mean the things evony allows not to mention their game graphics are about 5 yrs behind other games out there and yet you fools still stay here.
    I dont know what surprises me more, the dirty dealings you all continue to put up with or the new depths people have found to cheat?

    lol amazing!


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