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Thread: Make apps - Revive evony.

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    Default Make apps - Revive evony.

    I understand this has probably been suggested thousands of times. However, I can honestly not see the reason an app is not being developed/hasn't already.

    While there is a clear high cost associated with developing an application, i can clearly see this cost being profitable in both the short, and long term.

    What issues are there possibly to developing an app for evony? - Flash to a mobile device? Multiple other facebook associated games have been ported to mobile devices easily. The cost would pay for itself.

    Honestly - Although i have no general clue about issues with porting and things of the likes, the only possible way i can see evony surviving in the long run is by making a mobile device port. This being apple/android supported. Barely anybody except for people who have already played evony return as new players on new servers. As these numbers dwindle, so does the game. There are already issues with populations of new servers - servers use to be released regularly when the game was released and there were no alternatives to over time/flash based internet games. However, with competing games now available on devices which do not require a PC (Most of these games see HUGE profits, and as such have better servers and support) there is no reason for new players to become involved with the game.

    I am not complaining nor whinging about evonys lack of player base or anything of that sort. I played this game for a large amount of time and would love to get back into it, however, it does not have the appeal that it had years ago boasting a large player base and advertisements featuring girls with large titties.

    If this game was ported to mobile devices, I would pick it up at a heartbeat, and im sure the pros would surely outweigh the cons.

    After 10 seconds of research, I have found this "'xxx app' Developer xxx Reports $829 Million In Revenue And A Desire To Support The xxx Community. xxx mobile game developer xxx has reported revenue of $892 million for 2013, a significant gain on 2012′s revenue of $101 million."

    Evony has the support of older players to initially make a statement on the charts. Growth would seemingly follow. With profits being made like the above stated, why would evony not?

    EDIT 3000: If phones are not able to run the game as is: Why not develop an initial app requiring low cpu/ram usage, then up the anti as devices move forward with technology?
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    I apologize in advance for any mistakes or poor english in this post.

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    They did a mobile app thing that they ran beta on NA45. I dont know the details of it cause i didnt use it, But i know alot of people did use it and loved it yet for some reason it was taken down. Im sure there is someone lurking around with more info about it than I.
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    A mobile app would be really handy, would need to be across Mac OX, Android, and Windows and suitable for PC, tablet & phones. But a lot of games are played this way now. If Evony want to stay in the market they would need to come up with something similar.

    There is a pirates game by Haypi games that is similar that I've played on the iPad. It's even more of a ripoff though than Evony. The customer support from Haypi is outstanding, only ever had one problem with my account there, notified them and it was fixed within 20 minutes.

    added a link to the Haypi Pirates game, and they also have a similar game to Evony I just noticed. So it can be done.

    <link removed -d>
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    Tbh, I absolutely love playing evony and believe there is no alternative (geeky as it sounds). This game is such a great game and i would LOVE to be able to get back into it. However, with the current weak player base, i believe it is not viable.

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    You are missing the critical point that Evony is not really doing anything to grow this game, and why. Age 1 was supposed to be a throwaway, a test of sorts till Age II got here. Then we Age 1'ers flipped out when they told us we were going to be merged to Age 2 and they let us keep Age 1 in all its broken glory. They kinda patched some things along the way, but lets be honest here, swiss cheese code is swiss cheese code. All the issues of late, the ip limitations are all because some servers are loosing money and some are barely staying above water. You really cannot guarantee that developing this game for apple/android would turn around something that is already broken. The put their time and money into developing new games, ie they developed Heros Charge for the iPhone/iPad and Tyon and Commanders of Evony.

    Evony was a pioneer in this type of game but they let the mobile app pass them by. The one they did have was junk and they knew it.

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    Pity i guess. I'd always assumed this game would get canned sooner or later. I just thought maybe evony would give it one last red hot go.

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    is there a particular phone I can buy that will run evony through the browser? or is there an app out there? I heard of some people using phones but I don't know much about it

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    i heard iphone!

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    a big problem is figuring out the UI and making it fit the screen, the evony we have on the browser wont work on a small phone.. so how do they get everything you need to fit? the best thing i can see them doing is the evony toolbar type thing as an app, just see if youre being hit and such, nothing special
    an app could work for an ipad though, other than that i dont see them doing anything for mobile devices any time soon


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