Old topic but doesn't matter this forum is pretty much dead..

I play various other games like evony on andriod. sadly, they don't have all the awesome features that i love about this game in paticular.
and they are all copy catting themselfs, actually like clashofclans, i think someone made of the sourcecode and sold it off to different companys.

evony could still produce a game that's far enough off and distinct from the others to completely benifit.

--things i miss that are not in new games.
multiple cities. I & II
cheaper packages.
historical heros. II
historical cities. II
different types of heros (int/pol/att) multiple heros. a hero for each attack wave.
npcing cities.
resource trading open market.
suzing cities.

things like this is what made it a great war game. I'm sure it's a big slop mess of old code. but this game can be revived or should be sold to someone that would love to revive it. besides that new beta game evony made that looked like clashoftheclans, toss that in the garbage. make age III developed for IOS/Andriod and viewable from a computer.

the current games i play now, ie, GameOfWar my alliance itself spends a lil over $1,000 USD a day, and our server is 1 year 3 months old.

I came back to day to login and check the servers, even the latest servers are so dead, i wanted to get back into evony. but everything is so dead. these days when we work a lot. we need our phones, if we get scouted... attacked and at work we dont always have access to a computer to save ourselfs.

It's not to late. You've got supporters, most people in the new games came from evony.

other wise, eventually, people are gunna stop buying gear. you'll have to consolidate all the servers of whats left of anyone alive to a server in your base ment.