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Thread: New promo == server down (again!!!!)

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    Default New promo == server down (again!!!!)

    No surprise, a new promo is announced and ss56 has been down for the past 4h again. Can someone please be so kind as to restart it so our troops can stop refuging?

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    Its the new tools of master batery promotion... players are expected to sit round fiddling and not playing :P

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    I blame our reds, they probably brought down the server with all the shady stuff they pull.
    ss56 X1 Crowned Prince of Noobishness

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    seriously much for my cup runneth over....I cant seem to log in to get a cup wtf now evony! 6 hours down and not even an acknowledgment
    ss56 X1 Crowned Prince of Noobishness

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    great promo this time evony, not only is it a joke of a promo ss56 been down basically since maint, hats off to ya for that 1,
    and as per norm, no response from you at all from this explaining why,


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