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    Why when i try to coin is it making me go through paypal? I never had to before and dont want to have to create a paypal

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    What my idea about merges is this. making servers lets say 10 servers. allowing alliances choose which server they want to go to. have a cap of lets say 70 total alliances in each server and who ever is not in an alliance be left in limbo till they log and choose a server they want (chosen by the host of each alliance). if an alliance has not chosen a server then they will be left in limbo as well. until someone from that alliance chooses. give people 1 week to pick a server they want to go to. what this will do is take out the inactive accounts and only leave the active accounts (which can reduce lag). People would be more motivated to play because it is fresh blood which means they will spend more on warports and other items. You can do this lets say every 8-12 months. pretty much you can merge 10 current servers into 10 new servers just with different alliances in each. this will also solve a lot of the personal attacks on players because you wont have enough time to actually know people.


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