Evony ... I'm still waiting to hear back from you about that recalled transaction from two weeks ago. You sent me another please pay up email or we will close the account 2 days ago. Will you reply to my emails, or help support ticket, or the PM to Dave on the forums. Heck, even via your FB page or Twitter. I've left messages for you everywhere. I don't understand how if this is a second recall on my account from a malicious player that it has the same transaction ID as the matter that was dealt with 2 weeks ago. Or was it dealt with? Was paying twice then not good enough for you? How come I had to pay and yet others posted that they were able to have their accounts restored without having to pay up? Why have you not done anything about this particular player despite the numerous reports against him? Why is he still able to threaten me in game? I understand you can't do anything about his attempts to hack my Facebook, or my Twitter account, or even the DoS, but surely you can do something to even show you care about your customers? Or do you have someone on staff who is behind all these attacks?

Come on Evony, you gave me 3 days to reply, how about you show me the same courtesy?