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Thread: Glitch or "feature"?

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    Default Glitch or "feature"?

    (I know, I know, send a ticket. But forum traffic is so low that it's a very good way of sharing info between servers, and since negative posts get removed, we know Evony reads the forum.)

    It's been discovered that the NPCs on ss79 are not regenerating. Is this a glitch, temporary-to-be-fixed, or has the game been modified?

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    move your cities, your neighbors bots are better than yours

    ps if you are who i think you are, no one cares
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    That's a big change from your declarations of undying love. Mind you, I'm not complaining.

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    NPC's seem to regenerate very slowly. I have not seen a 5 with more than 3600 food in it. City population is barely going up. When you hit a player their loyalty drops once every 90 mins after you reach the 12-15 loy mark. Seems like the server refresh or update or whatever you want to call it is lagging.

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    As every where the light touches is my kingdom...and ss79 is mine .....all NPC food has come too me and all your peoples are in my city,s start basking or die of hunger

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    it is good to see so many cities being taken by alt accounts running bots *sarcasm*.
    this combined with the recent trade cap we have now, has resulted in alot of lag.
    do you think you could fix the loyalty/resource regeneration in the NPC's and possibly the trade cap, as the trade cap is painfully stupid. it drives food prices through the roof and causes botters to have an advantage.

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    its amazing to see the amount of people who are threatening to quit the game.

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    I still say it all, hacking, coin recalls, and a myriad of other things that is going on is an insider job to shut the company down. If they can get rid of the smaller players (including those who coin occasionally) and leave the big spenders in the game, then the Admins only have to show sales to their stakeholders and say the game is loosing money, we can no longer support the costs involved. And Evony will be closed with the minimum of fuss to those who have invested in the business. How else do you explain the "glitched & leaked codes", released databases of the players info with user names and passwords?

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    *grabs tinfoil hat*

    ss79 is experiencing (or was yesterday, dunno if it still is) a temporary problem on the server. Nothing more. No need for conspiracy theories or mass panic. The master timer on the server is broken. Every 6 minutes when it should "tick" and regen 10% of this or that, it's not ticking. Happens to every server eventually, sometimes more than once.

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    Here we go with that "more than once". It's happening again today, NPCs are empty and are staying that way. A pox on the master timer!

    On the good side, I read that Evony has fixed its current special half-upkeep item, now it good to go until October 8th.
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