The Age 2 citadel servers started on servers na20, na21, na22 and na23. Many of us had several HHs and some of us had 15-30+ which we spent money on, potraits, advanced teleports, random teleports and in some instances, on war stratgems to get then level up. All of these historic heroes were taken from us when you merged older age 2 servers into the new citadel servers. Evony compensated us with ring heroes that can potentially have much bigger attack ratings than historic heroes and can be leveled up to 120 with OnWar strategems which we were given in the historic hero compensation packages. The problem is that we didn't get enough On War strategems to level up all of our ring heroes and even if we try to level them up, it is not possible to get them over 102 by attacking npc 10s and 12s or defending against attackers. Can you guys fix this problem?