its a shame to see so many players thinking that this is the time to quit due to recent events. our Server (SS79), has decided to play up, not sure if its purposeful or what, but the NPC's on our server seem to not regenerate Resource or Loyalty. the bots throughout the server are capping NPCs left right and center. and many players are having enough. the recent trade limit to 100 per day has driven people to contemplate quitting the game altogether after a 4 or 5year experience with the game. it is sad to see happen. expecially as i am just comming back to play. the combined trade limit and NPC resource problem has resulted in a huge increase in food prices and this is forcing many players into refuge if they are even able to trade. im sorry to say, but without a quick fix, there will be a sharp decrease in players on the server.

Remove the Trade Cap, and the Problem with NPCs not regenerating resource/loyalty