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Thread: NPC and Population Regeneration Glitch

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    Default NPC and Population Regeneration Glitch

    NPCs have stopped regenerating resource or loyalty and bots are capping left right and center, lag has increase and im guessing it is due to constant caps. and ontop of that, upkeep is becoming a massive problem as food becomes scarce. we need this fixed ASAP. and also just saying that the Trade limiting is a problem too.
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    Default FIX SS79 Population and NPC

    so for the second time in a week we are seeing lots of NPC's on Zero Loyalty. this needs to be fixed. it was fixed at maint last time and thankfully the trade limit was removed. everyone is grateful for that. BUT NOW: we are seeing our cities with zero population. it isnt raising back up. and i think its abit stupid that we are having massive issues with the game within 7 days of each other. on top of that there is the normal lag and waves getting stuck that needs to be addressed too. but we realise that those can wait. and are not quick fixes. However the game needs to have NPC loyalty regeneration. which it doesnt at the moment, resulting in a tonne of capped cities, and also the Population of PLAYER cities needs to be addressed. the troop building is impossible without population to build troops with. PLEASE FIX ASAP.
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    Same on ss46....... :-/

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    We're having the same issue with loyalty and resources not being raised on NPC's on SS56.

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    same issue on both ss60 and ss74

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    ss78 now has this same issue

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    it is the same on SS72 and SS75, please fix it immediately

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    wonder the amount of players they lose per day due to this problem?
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    Default Npc and Population issues ss46

    so on ss46 we are seeing populations not regenerating and npcs are not replenishing resources! so what is up?
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    We can't build any troops because population not replenishing. Please sort it out.
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