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    I would like to know if others are experiencing the same issues that I am with Evony Customer Service. I put in a tech support ticket a week ago and have received no response none not even a hey we got your ticket and are looking into it. I put in a second ticket to account admin asking that the first ticket be escalated to someone who would actually respond and they deleted the ticket. I would really like to know if this is a trend or if it is a fluke. Are they short handed or do they just don't care? Anyone have a clue how to get a response as apparently the normal channels doesn't work.

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    Same 2 weeks ago i put in a tech support post, still no word.

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    An alliance member of mine accidentally dismissed their no.1 hero recently, and immediately sent a ticket begging evony to restore his hero after his idiotic error- much to his surprise- he had it restored within 10 hours. Another alliance member accidentally abandoned their war city awhile back- sent a ticket- and evony restored it the same day. Now these are idiotic player errors that evony has no obligation to correct, and yet they did it anyway.

    I'm going to buck the trend of evony bashing that goes on here on these forums and say personally i've been quite impressed with evony's customer service recently, and response times to tickets.

    It should be noted that if you submit a ticket from an account that is obviously breaking evony terms of agreement- they have no obligation to correct it or even respond.- I'm not saying that anyone in particular who has complained on here recently has been breaking those rules, but it could explain why some people get no response. For those who are using bots and need to submit a ticket... maybe try turning your bot off and playing legit while it is resolved? I don't know if this helps, but it certainly can't do your chances of getting a response any harm.
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