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Thread: Troops Stuck SS75

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    Default Troops Stuck SS75

    After recovering from the fun and games of the NPC regeneration problem, hate to say but now we have jumped to a new problem.

    On SS75 troops are stuck attacking other players, attacking npcs, attacking valleys, reining heros. Occasionally you might get lucky and get one come back, but others are stuck for hours and hours. Players can't holiday, they can't attack, they can't do anything.. Other than eat food.

    Lots have raised tickets in my alliance but we are not hearing anything back yet.

    Anyone else having the same problem other servers?


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    SS46 the same

    alot have over 12+ hrs worth of troops being stuck
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    ss78 (which probably close to the most created accounts of any server) has had stuck waves as the norm, and someone complained therefore they added in the 3 IP limit, which made it go away. So not sure this is what ss75 wants since I know how stupid that server is for islands and unrealistic troop amounts (atleast it is balanced by lack of skill lol)

    However, with the npc regeneration glitch that happened the other day, stuck waves have come back now to ss78 and my other servers which didn't have the issue (yet), so maybe there is something else causing it.

    Hopefully they fix this on all servers (which seems to be alot), but either way stuck waves will eventually find its way permanently, until something changes like players stop abusing fillers and multiaccounts or maybe evony forcing a limitation on the amount of data that is processed per city. It is what it is unfortunately.

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    The lag and stuck troops make the only way to play the game be to holiday your account (if you can manage to get the troops unstuck).

    The only fix would be to migrate the overcrowded servers to new (and less crowded) hardware. (This costs money).

    Evony recently migrated most servers (which are virtual machines) onto new hardware, but this is deceptive... they overcrowded the physical servers which the virtual machines run on.

    I'd love to hear about the specs of the physical hardware being utilized before and after the recent wave of migrations (about 3 months back) but that's not going to be disclosed here, I'm sure.

    The recent migrations and lack of customer support seems to be a conscious decision by the management of uCool to reduce costs... at the expense of driving away all their customers. Its kind of a catch 22... Nobody wants to spend money on a broken game, and without more revenue, the game wont get fixed. Really the game is already dead and we just didn't get notified.

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    ss79 been havin this problem for months now
    4 years

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    come on evony, ss56 have been having the same issue as other servers, troops being stuck for hours, and thi has happened since the last problem got solved, please sort your game out b4 you loose even more players

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    Day Two, still the same problem and no reply too tickets at all yet.

    It would just be nice to be able to play the game, that's all.

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    Apparently my language was a bit ripe for the forum so here is a polite post.

    Its about time the useless profanities at Evony did something about the(profanity) stuck lines. Most of us are sick to death that the developers/programmers do profanity all to sort this game out. The profanities at Customer Service are just as useless as they sit on their butts doing profanity all to sort the problem out. All that these profanities do is send out a generic email sit back on their fat profanities and take home a pay check at the end of the month.

    The Evony profanities are happy to take our money but refuse to provide a game that works properly because they don't give a profanity about their customers.

    As for that useless profanity DaveMata, its about time he got off his profanity and addressed this issue. The profanities know about it and still we have to wait.

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    well i can offer a couple of brand new ideas that may help alleviate the problem....

    we all know the problem is the virtual servers that are our "game servers" are crammed too tightly onto physical machines.

    the obvious solution (which i have already mentioned) would cost more money, but would mean evony purchasing additional physical servers to move the more densely populated game servers onto..... that is no new solution though, and uCool doesnt want to fork over the cash to potentially save their dying franchise.

    one new solution would be to offer holidays for free.... this of course would have the downside of costing more revenues for evony as a lot of people are only paying to keep their accounts in holiday.... but would solve a lot of network congestion problems as if the server got too laggy everyone would holiday. downside is probably everyone would holiday forever, and it has potential for abuse.

    another similar solution would be to holiday EVERYONE on a really crowded server every couple of days, and alternate that with another really crowded server.... as ss78 and ss79 are the most densely populated servers this would mean monday and tuesday ss78 gets to play, while ss79 is in holiday, then they would switch, wednesday and thursday ss79 would play and ss78 would be in holiday.... this would definitely solve the network congestion issues, and still generate the same revenue for evony from their permanent holiday customers.

    this wouldnt require purchasing any new hardware, only require a little bit of coding that im sure the brilliantly skilled programmers at uCool could handle. the people who were already in holiday would still remain in holiday, but the days that the servers were in forced holiday would not cost anything for anyone.
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    @ Disgruntled Player - the customer support staff really cant fix the stuck troops or lag .... its beyond their control... new hardware purchases or implementing new strategies such as I listed above are required to fix that... They have already exhausted all other ideas at limiting network traffic, such as limiting market trades and limiting connections per IP, but these ideas flopped and dont succeed in doing anything other than irritating the players more.

    I also have to say that support ticket response has improved since uCool purchased Evony from Regan Mercantile.
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