Has anybody else noticed the lack of intelligent answers from Customer Service when you take a ticket?

Initially you get the standard reply which is fair enough because Evony is a bit of a joke now now so they must get hundreds of tickets.

But, the replies are just rehashed standard letters which do not always apply to the questions asked.

For Example a question about no population growth in my cities receives a reply about Resources being delivered late.
A question about stuck lines receives a reply to stop bothering Customer Services as the more time they spend answering the tickets means less time available to fix the issue.

Since when do Customer Services fix the issues? And, we were told by DaveMata to take tickets because its the only way to get them to move on anything.

Like I said, Evony is becoming one big unplayable joke and do they seriously expect us to spend more money on a game that is broken when the next promotion starts?

To make matters worse on SS46 they unbanned all the banned accounts so the number of bots has increased massively causing even more problems.