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Thread: What happening with Commanders Of Evony

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    Default What happening with Commanders Of Evony

    Well no support, no answer in forum, all mods gone. After big announcement of new features, it just didn't happen and it is starting to crash with no maintenance, just left to die. Reason I'm posting here surely someone from Evony/Ucool will see it. What is happening can we get any update?
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    the forum mods are here. However, we are not paid evony staff, and as such, we dont get told squat about games happenings.

    IF your having issues connecting to the game, Submit a support ticket, And provide as MUCH info as possible within the ticket.

    The more info that you send, The more likely the issue will be solved faster. Also if your friends are also having issues, have them submit tickets too, More tickets submitted = More likelihood it will be read by evony staff

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    Ha ha sff, there is no support in COE. In June there was an announcement for updates that was the last we heard from anyone. Support tickets are not answered not even with an automated answer. It is not just me having a problem it is the game as global. There is no maintenance happening, can't play the game anymore. Believe me I have lodged several tickets since June we are October. Other players are also posting in other forums. An update about the game situation would be at least the less they can do. Cheers.
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    For 3 months we have had thousands send tech support request with not 1 person getting a reply. They stopped putting any information out there for us to go off of. No mention of updates... just basically abandoned us and the game. There are a ton of us who play and we need help. Last night I spent 3 hours on UCools "Newest Game" whose moderators ended up being the SAME moderator that's supposed to be in control of COE but left and is 24/7 contacting in UCools new games forum. So... I posted over 20 times on threads begging for someone to come help us at Commanders (We have had glitches for 2 weeks where we cant even play) After 3 hrs and 27 post I woke up today to a lifetime ban from that Forum + everything I asked and posted was deleted. However, When I logged onto COE the Servers are now fixed and playing as they should. I spoke to a few members from other Realms and they said its finally working. What we need is someone to actually care about the members of Commanders.. the Game is awesome and alot of us spend a ton of $$ only to be ignored for months... not hours.. not days.. but months.
    ssfg... You responded the same day to XtremeX which means you care.... I know you say that Ucool doesnt tell you guys anything but Moderators def have more room to help then us members..

    Please help the 1000's of us that are playing the game... please.

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    forum moderators quite literally have no more room to help than you. I was a moderator and I can assure you I had absolutely no control or insight into anything. A lot of the forum mods don't even play (I stopped playing way before I became a forum mod). You can try and pester davemata but this is an entirely different administrative subset

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