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    Default Server 190 Alliance Sexy

    Alliance Sexy

    Hi all im Maner as you all know server 190 is soon to be opened
    after 189
    Im looking for a few exp players who can help grow Sexy
    to be a strong war alliance.

    please mail me your lord name and exp for invite! If you want chests join Sexy.
    Alliance will be based in Tuscany....

    创创创创创创创创创 抖抖抖抖抖抖抖抖抖洞创创创创创创创创创` Requirements:
    创创创创创创创创炊抖抖洞创创创创创创抖抖抖洞创创创 创创创创
    创创创创创创创抖抖创创创创创创创创创创创炊抖洞创创 创创创创磎ost of all active players
    创创创创创创炊抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创创炊洞创 创创创创磘eam players
    创创创创创创抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖创 创创创创磂xperienced players
    创创创创创炊洞创创创创创创创创创创`创创创创创炊洞 创创创创`
    创创创创创抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创炊洞 创创创创碼ll are welcome to join
    创创创创创抖炊洞创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖炊洞 创创创创磘he active players
    创创创创创抖炊洞创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖创洞 创创创创磜ill be promoted over time.
    创创创创创抖炊洞创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖创洞 创创创创
    创创创创创抖创抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖炊洞 创创创创20 good players to start off whit will recruit more
    创创创创创抖创抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创炊洞炊洞 创创创创磑ver time apply now before its to late....
    创创创创创炊洞抖创炊抖抖抖洞创创抖抖抖抖创炊洞抖创 创创创创
    创创创创创创抖抖炊抖抖抖抖洞创创抖抖抖抖抖炊抖抖创 创创创创
    创创创创创创炊抖炊抖抖抖抖洞创创抖抖抖抖抖炊抖创创 创创创创
    创创抖洞创创创抖创抖抖抖抖创创创炊抖抖抖抖创抖创创 创抖抖创
    创炊抖抖创创炊洞创抖抖抖洞创抖洞创抖抖抖洞创抖创创 炊抖抖洞
    创抖创炊洞创炊洞创创抖洞创炊抖抖创创抖洞创创抖创创 抖创炊洞
    炊抖创创抖抖创抖创创创创创抖抖抖洞创创创创炊洞炊抖 洞创炊抖
    抖创创创创炊抖抖抖洞创创创抖抖抖洞创创创抖抖抖抖洞 创创创炊
    抖抖抖抖洞创创抖抖抖抖创创抖抖抖洞创炊抖抖抖洞创创 炊抖抖抖
    创抖抖炊抖抖创创创抖抖洞创创创创创创炊抖炊洞创创抖 抖抖炊抖
    创创创创创抖抖抖创抖洞炊洞创创创创创抖创抖洞炊抖抖 洞创创创
    创创创创创创创抖抖抖炊洞抖抖抖抖抖洞抖炊抖抖洞创创 创创创创
    创创创创创创创创创抖炊洞洞洞洞洞洞洞洞洞抖创创创创 创创创创
    创创创创创创创创抖抖创洞洞洞洞洞洞洞洞创抖抖洞创创 创创创创
    创创创创创创抖抖洞抖创炊抖抖抖抖抖抖创炊洞抖抖洞创 创创创创
    创创抖抖抖抖抖创创炊洞创创创创创创创创抖创创创抖抖 抖抖洞创
    创炊洞创创创创创抖抖抖洞创创创创创创抖抖抖抖创创创 创创抖创
    创创抖洞创创抖抖洞创创抖抖抖抖抖抖抖洞创创抖抖洞创 创抖洞创
    创创创抖创炊抖创创创创创炊抖抖抖抖创创创创创炊抖创 炊洞创创
    创创创抖创抖创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创炊洞 炊洞创创
    创创创炊抖洞创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创创抖 抖创创创

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    Why do you want to know?


    Lmao, you'll be lucky if 1-2 people join from the forums...honestly this is the worst place you could recruit

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    Hi i disagree with what you say alot come to view forums they may or may not be signed up you come and had a look? lol.
    Alliance recruitment is here for this purpose i am just keeping this forum/tread alive

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    all the ones i seen get smashed fairly quickly everyone claims to be pros and its generally gone in a week or so

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamme View Post
    all the ones i seen get smashed fairly quickly everyone claims to be pros and its generally gone in a week or so
    Were you on S168? Damnn some good forum alliances on that
    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    I'm going to party like it's 1999.
    Server 188 - Fear

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    Son, either be prepared to spend $2,000 on day 1, or be prepared to lose.

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    Evony are making good money by allowing it but the players are making more than they spend.


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