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Thread: Age II Hero Suggestions

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    Default Age II Hero Suggestions

    On Age II, it's a common situation to where a player may have enough troops to attack someone but they lack the heroes to do so. It takes a good amount of Lv.100 heroes to effectively attack someone, and when those heroes are out of energy or are lost to the enemy, it causes an issue to where its no longer worth attacking because the heroes you're sending are low level inn heroes who cannot effectively lead your wave and thus your troops die without causing a sufficient impact.

    So here are a few solutions to this problem:


    1. Put energy items on FB as gifts, such as Tea or Lugui Wine for example.
    2. Change the amount of time it takes for hero energy to recover. I believe its 1 point per 30 minutes? That's 50 hours right there. A better time would be 1 point per 6 minutes which is 10 hours for a full hero energy recovery.
    3. Change the amount of energy points it takes per wave. Right now it's 4 points per attack, so that's only 25 attacks on a full energy hero. If it was 1 point per attack, that would be 100 attacks on a full energy hero which would be a massive increase to how many attacks you can preform with just 1 hero.

    Hero Level:

    1. Allow high level inns (such as Lv.10 inns) to recruit up to Lv.100 heroes.
    2. Create a new stratagem which allows Lv.100 heroes to be hired from the inn for a period of time (say 6-12 hours).

    With some of these suggestions in place, it would dramatically increase the amount of attacks that could be done effectively and continuously without having such a problem of waiting for hero energy to recover, and to train new Lv.100 heroes to attack with.
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    I like the idea about getting the recover of energy faster and also about having Tea as gift on Facebook. BUT, having stuff like that(level 100 heroes in Inn, also stratagems for that) is not so good. If there was stuff like that, many coiners that coin a lot would buy stratagems and buy off the level 100 heroes right away after server start. Then, it will be easier and capitals will fall at second week and couldn't give any chance for those non-coiners.

    Also even Atlantis will fall MUCH more faster. Let's say on every server it takes around 1 and a half months for Atlantis to fall. If they give level 100 heroes in stratagems, coiners will buy off the heroes and then take Atlantis at 3-4th week maximum i believe. So not a good idea.

    I got a suggestion about Evony but can't post threads, they should up the requirements for voting. On many servers alts rule the voting. Whoever makes more alts, wins governor which is pretty stupid. Requirement for voting should be Viscount+ or at least Baron+. NO Baronet. With the glitch alts will still rule the voting.

    Like i said, Evony should make requirements for voting Baron/Viscount+
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