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    I'm not really a genius when it comes to servers and such, but just a thought

    Evony could run a long maintenance every once in a while to really clean the servers up and help fix some lag a little. Like maybe once every month or two give no upkeep for 24 hours and bring the servers offline for the full day for a nice maintenance and fix her up real good

    unless its pretty useless, in which case just give us no upkeep hehehe :P

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    Well to be honest Evony usually on every server they take down the server in one day and have it down for 10 hours or maybe more. On na55 one day the server has been down for 12 hours and in return they gave us 50 cents, 10 amulets and some other sh!t.

    I think the maintenance idea from you is pretty good. But i still believe even if they have some kind of a super maintenance their servers will still svck.
    Aye aye capt'n


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