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Thread: Game Servers Down?

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    Default Game Servers Down?

    Are the game servers down?
    Deja Vu

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    Yes, what is happening with Evony...servers are still down ;(

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    Halloween promo update

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    This is taking a good deal longer than the indication they gave.

    Assuming their notice was made on server time (23h57 if memory serves),
    then "emergency maintenance" should have started at 02h00 and finished at 03h30, and it's now 06h10 and they still not up.

    Bit difficult to tell really, since their log on page doesn't actually have a clock either.

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    Evony, I may not have graduated high school and only have a GED, but I am almost sure that 1.5 hours is just 90 minutes. Is there an ETA on the restore of server 188 in the near future?

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    5 hours overdue is just getting ridiculous for 188

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    188 is back up now :3

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    After all that snorting, grunting, punching in the throat, and other general foreplay,
    the NPC's are NOT FULL after your 4.5 hour maint.

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    SS58 still clagged

    Best wishes to those who were in ICECOLD, MERC, HONOR on 131, SOLACE on 144, thePack2 on 158

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    176 still down, is there an update as to when the servers will be back up? We had no problems on 176 and I was planning to coin today, but taking the servers down during a promo, come on man!


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