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    Anyone else unable to log onto ss79? I have been unable to log on for almost a month now, no help from evony, several tickets submitted with absolutely no help? does the server still exhist?

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    ok so evony moderators dont help out in the forums either? just like the game devs i guess.....................................

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    We have zero influence on the game mate. we mod the forums, and if we arnt on the server, its highly unlikely that we will even know there is a problem till people complain about it here.

    Your best cause of action is "dun dun dun" submit tickets. ALL the tickets. Submit so many, that evony actually understands there is an issue, and you MIGHT see something done about it. winging here? achieves nothing. Its clear that evony do not check the forums to see whats wrong with the game this month. You need to submit messages to the place they DO check.

    When i say submit a ticket, I dont mean sending 500 messages saying:


    ^that does not help ANYONE.

    Tell them the problem. Use details, use your words, and most importantly, Use patience. it might take a while.

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    We submit tickets on a daily bases...... and IF we get a response, it is always the same generic auto-response........ Been this way for months....... either they don't care or have no idea what they are doing and how to go about fixing the problems..........

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    exactly what he said. Evony doesnt help in any way. here or with tickets or there pathetic facebook page. Ive submitted so many tickets now its not funny, no replies other then the auto generated ones, meanwhile i havent been able to log in for well over a month now. Am i suppose to not whine a bit when i have had a very decent account on that server that is definately totally decimated now due to being unable to do a damn thing on it, i think so!


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