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Thread: Unable to login?

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    Come on guys, evony has trouble like this almost every single week. How come all of you instantly fall into the same crap every time? "oh no i've been hacked/evony was hacked/my bot is broken/my account password is broken/my internet must be broken/why is the sky falling WHY WHY WHY".

    Seriously. If it ain't working, go watch a tv show and try again later. It's not like this never happened 500 times before.

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    Well most are working, but some are still having issues on 175....

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    Quote Originally Posted by .H0bbit View Post
    dont expect any response here, forum moderators know nothing ever, u will get the "evony is working on it" bs, if anything

    and cause im blunt and think moderators are nothing but glorified talking npcs with no knowledge about game i will get banned in forums also
    Yeah, I totally didn't know anything about this game back when I was a mod.

    PS: Mods don't get paid and don't get told anything in terms of what's going on in-game.
    PPS: You haven't gotten any more intelligent since your last spurt of postings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revoltion
    Acer is the Varys of Evony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acer5200 View Post
    PS: Mods don't get paid
    ...Acer there are some things you need to know

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkb1 View Post
    some day you will fix it the right way.
    don't hold out for that for too long eh!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anatoliy View Post
    yeaj we all know that one, but what is "server proccessing error"?
    i play on a couple of servers...why can't i abandon flats or truce either?
    yet others are in game no issues. why dont you take the affected servers down and fix it?
    I know this is a bit late, but IIRC, server processing error typically means the login server(s) and/or actual game server(s) are down.

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