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    I recently captured a regular city (non HC) from another player and it has 5 lvl 12 farms, 1 lvl 12 sawmill, quarry, and iron mine. Everything else is lvl 9 or 10.
    It has a lvl 10 rally spot as well. So i assumed this was a bronze city. I also assumed a bronze city would allow you to send out the same amount of troops a lvl 12 HC would (125k). I was wrong it will only let me send out 100k. So can someone clarify me as to whether or not this is indeed a bronze city and why i cant send out 125k troops. Also if it isnt a bronze city, how are there lvl 12 farms and what not.
    Thanks to anyone who replies,
    Scooby Doo

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    A bronze City doesn't give you the benefits of a Historical City just the overall appearance. It allows you to make level 12 buildings but does not give you the enhanced Rally.

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    For each Historic City a player owns, they will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold Amulet (depending on the level of the HC), which will let them instantly create a new city.
    Using an Amulet will create a new city "with high level buildings and Rally Spot for big attacks" and big mayhem!

    This is Dawnseekers exact words and the part quoted led me to believe that bronze cities had a higher troop dispatch than a regular lvl 10 city. So if what you are saying is true then why would dawnseeker add the part about rally spot for big attacks? Well no duh theres gonna be a rally spot so the fact that dawnseeker added that part led me to believe that there would be a bigger troop dispatch limit.

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    Bronze city has lvl11 rally, and lvl 11 resource fields
    what u capped is a premerge HC 12, with the resource fields at the level they used to be

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