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Thread: S188 - double level during maint turns 9's into 1's

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    Default S188 - double level during maint turns 9's into 1's

    I've been waiting a week, leveling up flats to make a 10's field, and today you did a double level, and turned my LV9's in level 1's.

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    You expect them to undo maintenance just for you? It happens. You gotta wait 9 more days, deal with it.

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    Well, here we are, 9 days later and guess what Evony just did, on Server 188.

    An unscheduled crash, with a subsequent massive release of flats, and then another regular maintenance.

    27 days to level a flat.

    S187 you cant get them to do a cleanup for love nor money.
    Actually I lie.
    I refuse to spend money on something this unpredictable or inept.

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    heck they aint done a clean up on 187 yet.... you think they gonna fit 188 before cleaning 187 lol... the whole map is full more or less except for when someone needs to port and magically a flat opens... come on evony npc wipe the servers will yah

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    If you want 187 to get a wipe, steal all the flats people are holding and npc them.


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