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Thread: Battle in Burgundy /ss57) - Defense of Hapsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerV View Post
    Zenith, entire war city killed, about 80m arch I think (Isn't that you zhay?)
    so funny homer - zenith are a very very close friend - and i for one should know if u attacked him - u never did - so wake up and stop live in dream world

    i thinkl virtue the last few month have hunted every lethal member we could find out of holliday - and for most time we killed them and took there ress - that we not put all wr here are only due to the pure amount
    of rapport we need to make into evonyurl


    we linked the harpsy as it was for the team teamwork - and we linked molkan as it was to point out lethal loose cities (even if they claim they dont ) and for killing of u - well guess why we did that for u self
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