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Thread: Unable to Log onto Bastion(ca1)

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    Default Unable to Log onto Bastion(ca1)

    I have attempted multiple times to log on to a server I logged on earlier today. I am between 5-6 days into Beginner Protection. I can't afford to lose hours.

    Server Processing Error

    I have cleared my cache repeatedly. No dice.

    I logged in earlier today and have had no problem logging in previously.

    I tried to access support. I finally get to the forums, figured out I have to register, registered, then spend time figuring out why I can't use the forums, checked my email and then posted this.

    I haven't played in years. I came back do to lack of other options. I opted in the last twelve or so hours to pay for the 5 buck package. And now I can't log on. This is not encouraging.
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