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Thread: The Queen's Feast Begins!

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    Default The Queen's Feast Begins!

    Starting today and going until December 1st, Evony Ages 1 and 2 will be celebrating the Queen's Feast!

    Starting today and going until tomorrow, receive a 20% bonus in cents for every purchase.
    There will be war buffs, sales, and more!

    See more here at:

    Flaming CHICKEN!
    Courtesy: Sturm

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    hi dev i bought a att hero the other day

    it had 126 base i only noticed yesterday it was gone i did not attack any 1 was not attacked

    have not made any npc

    the strange thing is now there is a 83 base in its place same name king

    i spent a lot of money buying this in the dealls

    i feel evony have robed me . what do i do i sent a ticket but no reply

    im on the verge of deleating my account but spent 155 dollor , have not played in over a year , can i get my money back and start again next server im really annoyed depressed about this it happened right after maint when mic scripts ports ware on sale

    and yes im 100% sure of what i had


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