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Thread: My humble request

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    As I stated previously, no plans of release before the finish of 2015.

    Sorry. Not yet.

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    Hey I have a humble request. How about restoring my account and others that you have blatantly deleted. My heroes , all my resources and including my money is gone. Yes money which was purchased through paypal. I call that theft no more nothing less. Rollback SS37 and restore the mess you have created on there. I had my account since CIVONY and you decided to just delete it. Wow good job. Close the server now and make the rollback effective immediately

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    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    As I stated previously, no plans of release before the finish of 2015.
    Wow, another 13 months before you open 190?

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    No wonder Evony reps never respond. For *** sake, the guy asked for Evony to open 190 before Xmas. Dave replied and said sorry 190 wont open before the end of the year. I know there isnt definitive dates and times that something is gonna happen, but at least its feedback......You get some DB up here talkin about accounts on other servers, (like thats on topic) simply because he sees Dave talking in a thread. Im one of the first ones to attack Evony when they do something dumb, but im happy to see the feedback for once.
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