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Thread: No Reponse to Help Centre Ticket

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    Default No Reponse to Help Centre Ticket

    I submitted a ticket.
    I wasn't sure where to submit it, so I submitted it in two places.
    It has been consolidated, so someone has seen it,
    but it appears to have been closed, without any comment or feedback.

    It involved the loss of a main hero, under very strange circumstances,
    immediately after maintenance,
    where a single farming attack on a LV10 NPC seems to have resulted in the capping of the NPC.

    It happened at the same time as a LV10 flat was building a new city to be NPC'ed immediately next to the NPC,
    so when the notification that a new city was complete (Name for new City),
    I abandoned it thinking it was the NPC I was building on the flat.

    As it subsequently appears, my hero must have capped the LV10 NPC with a single attack wave, and been inside the "New City",
    and was NPC'ed by accident.

    Anyway, I would like a response to the ticket I submitted, thank you.

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    :P you sure thats how it went down

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    Congrats, you accidentally performed the insta-cap glitch after maintenance... sorry about your hero. Just make a new ticket.

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    I have submitted new ticket, and quoted you.

    Yes, a more experience player told me about this insta-cap glitch.

    It was weird at the time.
    When the 2nd "New City" notification came up, I actually looked at the map and noticed that both the places, where the NPC should have been, and the flat that I had just NPC'ed,
    were both showing as open flats on the map.
    I thought, that Evony had removed the NPC during maint. and that I had just sent an attack at a LV10 flat without noticing.
    I commented to a team mate at the time, that there was something strange going on with the map.
    I even clicked on it, but it did not change status, and I went on with what I was doing at another city.

    It's only afterwards, when I noticed the hero missing, that there's no way you can loose a hero by capping and NPC'ing a flat,
    so it must have capped the LV10 NPC is the only logically explanation.
    Not sure why the map was showing something different though, and haven't tried to recreate this again, yet.

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    question to evony,

    why do you guys remove requests without giving one answer?
    please let me know i am interested in trying to find out why costumer service of a company deletes questions without giving an answer and are even trying to do their best to keep their customers happy.
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