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Thread: Farming Level 5 NPC's

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    Default Farming Level 5 NPC's

    When are you ready to farm level 5 NPC's?

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    you generally want the right techs. also you can lower the amount of ballistas you use as your hero's/techs improve.

    Archery lv8 & HBR lv5/6 is the lowest techs you can ballista farm lv1-5 npc with no losses.
    as you will want to upgrade these techs to lv10 you need to be a little careful.
    Archery lv9 & HBR lv8 is the next safe level up that gives you no losses
    Archery lv10 means HBR can be anything.

    check out this guide, , its an old one but the mechanics of the tech levels still hold true. Your logistics will need to be upgraded also so you can lower the amount of trans you use to collect the full load


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    Hero Level is important. Use 500 warriors as well, just in case you are a bit short. There is a certain number of rounds in the attack not to exceed. If you are close to this and chance on a high attack hero in the NPC there might be losses.

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