Link to the old thread that had a bit of love, But nothing ever came from it:

What im after:

Ok folks this is a new idea to give some of you old school Artist buffs a challange, to work Outside the box in a manner of speaking.

Since i am a forum moderator, I can infact have 4 pictures in my sig. SO after a few weeks of umming and arrring if it will work i decided to put my idea to the people with the talent.

Heres my idea.

Currently you are limited to conventional sig sizes. (idk the specifics but yall do)
So my idea is, To have 4 sigs made up, to show one picture when put together. Simple Idea no? But ive never seen it done on these forums, So you could be a part of Evony Forum history!

Now there are a few ways you could go about this depending on what the siggers decide to do. In these (Badly drawn) pictures you will see what i mean.

Idea one: the 2x2

Idea 2: the ladder sig

As you can see by my professional paint skillz, this gives you a much bigger canvas, and much more room for your creativity to flow. There are probally other combinations, but these seemed the simplest ones to work with.

Some possibilitys:
4 different artists work together, doing 1 sig each to make one super sig
1 artist could do it alone to if they so wish
or any number of artists, its up to how many want to try, or want to get involved.
you can use 4x Vertical sigs too, Not just standard format. its entirely up to you.

I have no current theme planned for this one, So its Entirely up to the artists. Plus since its something new, i figured id let everyone sink there teeth into it.

Some Requirements:
all 4 sigs should be the same size Or the sig would look strange and lines may not match up as planned, so unless your going for a picasso Keep em the same size.
Gotta be within forum rules, So no nudity ect.
And most inportant of all:
HAVE FUN with it, its not a job and there is no time limit. Take as long as is needed.

And thats it folks. Ill leave you artists out there to it.

I will provide rep to every artist who attempts/collaborates on this monstrosity of a sig. (I give about 55-60 points last count)

Thanks in advance