If you are like me, you have a super-powered mayor by now that can upgrade a Relief Station to lv10 in under an hour, but who upgrades anything like a Relief Stn when you can cap an NPC and get everything lv10 for free?

So now that you don't need Ultimate Guidelines and Master Guidelines, you got how many gathering dust???? And hundreds of Bernini Hammers. And maybe a few Gundulfs. Mostly you spend your time tearing down farms and surplus barracks to remodel existing cities. If you dont care to keep the resources, you just dynamite them. But maybe you need the rez?

Ok so here is the idea: you queue up demolition of 4-6 lv10 barracks using Hammer items; then you apply a big speed-up and, instead of the speed-up being applied to the first building in the queue only (current behaviour), which is overkill because of the good mayor, it carries over the surplus speed to the next and next and next buildings until the time is exhausted.

So if you want to take down 6 barracks from lv10, you queue them all up with hammers, then apply an Intermediate (2.5hrs) and it carries through the whole queue at once. You line them up like dominoes, then roll through. That might take down the first 2-3 barracks to lv9 and get halfway through the 4th one or however far your mayor will carry it.