on server 189 i bought a hero of the market in the deals it cost around 600 coins that i bought 2 packages to buy this item 126 base hero

at maint on cyber monday the hero vanished from my account i was not attacked i was not building a npc that hero was not out attacking it was set as mayor

a 83 base hero was there in its place after maintenance set as mayor with same name

i have sent in tickets with no answers i have talked to admins here in pm showing my payments ect

155$ total spent on 189 server that was only 3 week old been put in holiday by evony for nearly a week now for no reason

account blocked no answers i would not mind if i got a refund
my account on 180 is blocked aswell after spending a few hundred $ is this the way evony operates , can i find out what is going on here ?????