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Hello, server 192 is quickly becoming the biggest joke server out there.. There are players with over 100+ alts, what ever happened to the rules of fair play! If you guys at evony cant get the situation under control you are going to keep losing players. As an example, here are some of the many alt alliances on S192 - JoJo, 1122, 00, SCOUT, 325, 00000, 0202, 5225. That's over 700 accs to feed a handful of cheats. Coiners are one thing, people wanna spend money to get ahead that's their choice, but all these alts is simply BS! How is a player who doesn't coin and doesn't use alts supposed to enjoy the game. Ive been playing this game for years, ive spent a decent amount of cash over that time too. I use around 4-5 alts to help my main be competitive but whats the f'n point when the guy next door has 100! They spend money on their mains, not their alts, so do yourself and the rest of us a favour, and BAN THE DAMN THINGS!! SET IP LIMITS! THEY DO IT IN PLAIN SIGHT KNOWING HOW BLIND U ALL SEEM TO BE!!! EG. Domino1, domino2, domino3, Lars1, Lars2, Lars3, etc... how damn stupid do u need to be to miss that. Make the game fair! KICK THE ALTS! Id send u screenshots of all the alts but I don't have the time to do your job for you. And lets not also forget the massive abuse of you coin glitch, players create new accounts, spin amulets and complete quests to give them coins, then reset the acc and start again, BUT THEY KEEP THE F'N COINS! HOW THE HELL IS THAT NOT CHEATING!.. what world chat for even a day and I guarantee you will find 200+ alts doing that trick. I love this game, but the way it is being managed is beyond a joke. FIX IT! PlZ fix this, I left evony for 6months because I had a baby, I came back and its now 10x worse than it used to be. If you fail to reply it shows just how little you care about your players, and that's no way to run a business.
I completely agree with you. You aren't the first, and certainly won't be the last player to bring this up and be ignored.