So yes i did make a suggestion toward this. They eventually release the HH's, but seriously evony, at least do it after maintenance. Release them like 5-10hrs after maint ended? Wth. Not only that but now so many of the 55 HH's are glitched. I understand that releasing at maint would give those few who are on during then the advantage, but releasing them after gives other advantages too. I mean at least that would be organized. Not seeing they havnt been released 1hr ago, go to check again and bam, 20+ of the HH's the dude had who was banned already capped. And then ontop of that, 3+ HH's are glitched. no owner, and shows nothing in Hearsay for enquire details/last seen. Cmon now evony, You already made my friend not go to Na56, which was $500+ spent, you seriously going to fck up this bad right before a new server? Please fix this