considering they have deleted my old post with this ill be more then happy to repost it since they cannot give me back my nations NOR MY HERO since this item doesn't work and they have simply ignored me that their sht is not working. also their generic attempts to mail me the exact same thing shows they simply do not want to fix the item that I have paid for. The dam thing didn't work when I lost the hero it didn't work 20 minutes later. it worked 40 minutes later and then I had to give up my nations for this hero that I have never received back but he has it still as of today kinda worthless item

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Evony Customer Service. When a hero is lost, you have 24 hours to use the Stone of Finding to recover them. However, if another player captures them before you use the Stone's power, then both you and the player who captured them from you have the chance to use the Stone to recover the hero. Do be aware, that if the hero was dismissed or fled due to rioting, they are lost to history. If someone else has hired them, you can still get them back, and the persuading player will receive their medals back.

Best Regards,

Customer Service

Evony Team