Well, i looked at the $90 package during double cents, because i am planning on coining $90 and had already pre-planned it. With what my friends were coining on my account totaled to 1090 cents during DC, and $90 package before double cents equaled 1090 cents. So, i look, and to my suprise, according to evony, the $90 package should give you 1990 cents. I know Dava Mata cant count to 57 apparently (hehe sorry Dave) but god dang i didnt know evony was bad at math. Since when was 1090 x 2 = 1990? Last i checked 1090 x 2 = 2180. So thats 190 cents gipped from us. Not to mention i believe $1k is stealing aswell. If my memory is right, $1000 was 14,000 cents during regular cents, but double cents its 27,000 cents. So thats 1,000 cents gipped if my memory serves me right. So, evony, is this going to be fixed before people complain, or you just going to delete everything about it untill after double cents is over and people post you proof? Because i sure as hell wouldnt want to lose cents that i BOUGHT because of some bad math, so please fix this before people complain

(Wasnt sure where this was supposed to be posted, but also made a complaint ticket about it, and figured i'd post here so people knew about it, and was sure to get compensated for their missing cents after promo is done)