obviously age 1 can't be phased out to many people dislike the caps on hero's. at the same time others hate uncapped heros. the simple solution is modify the code of age 2 and have different servers with different abilities.

the first part would be a age 2 server with the only difference is uncapped heros. age 2.1. while is an extremely small idea, this is the biggest issue for many age 1 players.

for other players make age 2.2 uncap everything, from research to buildings, everything would be uncapped, each additional level requires 1 more mich script. with each month a new level is unlocked for npcs, meaning there will be level 11 citys, and beyond, the game becomes more unending and interactive to players.

another options is limit players to 1 base and whatever ideas people come up with. things like more troop types

the first idea however would be an extremely simple step and could be introduced within a few weeks to a month. its something a huge chunk of the player base wants.