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Thread: Merge some servers

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    I was shocked by the no July 4th promo. And your right their use to be a promo for every holiday. But not anymore. I'm really wondering when the next promo will be? Labor day maybe? Or could it be a long long wait for Halloween? Like you said..... Is Evony Promos turning into a ghost town???

    I'd love to hear from the forum reps/operators on this issue. Maybe they know something that could shine some light on things for Evony players....

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    yes please do this so we can hit more players with out waiting 5 hours to get there lol

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    I totally agree with needing a merger of older servers. I've no idea of the work behind making it happen, but since it's been done in the past, I'm not sure what the hold out would be, now. There are rarely people on, and even more rare, battles and wars. I'ts become nothing more then a sims game, feeding troops that in the end really have nothing to do anyway. Wish I could move my entire account to new server. Age 2, not Age 1.

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    End of Summer Promo was nice. Looking forward to Halloween one ;-) Hoping they do something like Double Cents and of course level 120 heroes on the wheel and my favorite silver keys in the shop ;-)

    Bots are preventing merges. No way to really tell how many "Human players" are playing anymore. So the activity % on servers I bet is pretty decent. Hoping Evony does another merge or 2 however down the road.

    Making 16's, 14's, 12's, and of course Atlantis harder to take would be awesome!
    “When the giant hits the ground, he feels the wrath of Hulkamania and the whole world shakes at my feet?”

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    I am from ss74 server we have been waiting for a server merge for almost 2 years now there is only 2 active allaince left people have this game because they have gotten tired of the wait please can we get a dam server merge ****

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    We need a merge on ss78!!! there are only bots playing! No interaction- no one talks in there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucille2 View Post
    We need a merge on ss78!!! there are only bots playing! No interaction- no one talks in there!
    Server merge won't fix anything. I'd probably just reset if it happened or befriend the other server because of how ****ty the battle aspects have become from both Evony items and unsportsmanlike playstyles (there's a reason why all the good, respectable players are basically retired). But mainly because I find watching paint dry more pleasurable than 2017 Evony and that it's very low on the list of fun activities right now.

    Anyway, we still chat about many different things in 3rd party apps. See ya there! :P

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    Exactly as Septycon said

    Battles are boring because all you need are banners to beat anyone

    Lag makes real defense impossible

    All people do is glitch and build massive army counts that they can't even use against someone else

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    whats the point of merging sertvers theres only lots of troop glitching going on.

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    troops double
    you use an empty city n put draftable troops in 1mile valley
    need thunderraids 4 per try
    has a 50/50 chance of success
    69% draftable seems about the best
    Also 3 to 4 troop types is the best.
    Also on my experience troops under 50 million have a higher chance of cucess
    there should be no movement in the city and no builds
    also clear troops queue cleartroopqueues 0
    clear wall building defense if they are building "no movement on city at all" \qkillwall

    untrain w:2
    sleep 99999

    setsilence true
    set securityCode xxxxx
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().authSe curityCode(%securityCode%)$
    set junk $m_city.actionFactory.getSecurityCommands().setUnl ockOption(31)$

    If you need resouirces food to move troops out, then dismiss troops. After all you will double them anyway so that is a million phracts dismissed here and there.

    setsilence true
    label start
    iferror $[0]$ goto start
    set time $[0].reachTime$
    set x {{{%time%-$c.getRawTime()$}/1000}-0.5}
    echo "Waiting for %x% seconds to use strat"
    sleep $c.math.max(0,%x%)$
    set z player.trick.qlbx
    set a $ dId,[0].armyId,c.getVar(z))$
    repeat 4
    label wait
    iferror $%a%.ok$ goto wait
    echo Success!


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