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Thread: Merge some servers

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    Quote Originally Posted by JESUS666 View Post
    has there always been a 4th of july promo?
    There's never been a 4th of July promo as long as I've been playing. 4th July is only important to americans as nearly every other country has there own independence or some national country celebration of their own evony would have to have a promo every day or month if that's the case. (not that I would mind).

    on ss67 we just had a player have several accounts deleted while on holiday mode, granted he had them on holiday for nearly a year, but no activity doesn't seem to be the key to get a merge, no activity will just get your account deleted. which....for players who genuinely took the time to build BEFORE this thing we call a bot came on the scene.... really is a huge suckfest.

    that being said, SS67 is dead, dead, dead and most of the players have quit (really good evony legendary players from wn1, wn2 & wn3 some from wn1 were even made mods) or just don't even bother to come online unless they are being attacked and then it's just to truce or holiday and go afk again. Very sad for a game that has so much potential and had such a huge player base.

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    All the servers are dead - 200 was great for 3 weeks or so, the the sellers came and started the thousands of alt accounts. The lag crippled the game play, and worse - the troop glitch came. I made 40 million cavs in one night, and 12 million ballista another night, and 3 million pults later......not to mention the billions of resources and millions of trans I made - for free. Level a hero? No worries - just use trans waves and pult waves until he goes up 200 levels in one afternoon. It's OK, you replace those troops at maintenance.


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