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Thread: ShakeNbake (Confused Defense)

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    and your an ass kisser so yea.. i kno whos ass your kissing
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechHead View Post
    and your an ass kisser so yea.. i kno whos ass your kissing
    I have a question - why would I kiss someones ass who I have nothing to gain from and nothing to give? Also you're wrong, its "and you're an ass kisser" Please learn simplistic English language before tryna' insult me. I'm from ss not ss57.

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    Default LTRingo vs HomerV & BullDog1

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    Seems all is set but the time. Friday doesn't work for me, I won't be home. How about saturday?
    LTRingo (War1).jpg

    I'm there on the Date and Time and place chosen by the Host of L3TH4L If the other two cities bother you guys I can move them

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    I can't wait.
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    How did this all turn out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotDeadYet View Post
    How did this all turn out?
    They never could agree on a Date and Time. They did give me a date of 24 Hours after they talked to me in wc one day after. I need a 5 Day notice because of work. If they want me to fight on their terms, give me a couple days notice otherwise catch me on the battlefield... Been out of Holiday for 30 days now and the most they (REDs) have done is try to scout me down. Then when I ported my WarCity in they ported away, lol


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