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Thread: Na58?

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    I found na54 to be fun. Only two major alliences left but rank 1 is a fun group. Just lacks chat activeness

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    Dont go to 52, very very dead

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    if no sever by 3/18 i think we can all give up. 3 months. dave last post was......... what almost a week ago?

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    nvm seems evony is making this "hero charge" game and doing ads on TV now. hardcore

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    I am thinking of reviving my account on CA1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreagen View Post
    I am thinking of reviving my account on CA1
    ok and why did you post on this????? no old timers gonna see this unless they looking for a new sever lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balrog Na57 View Post
    Quit crying about na58, na57 is a great server that will last a good time with all these alliances here, pvp didn't even get it real yet and u guys crying about no na58?
    ^^^ seller

    go back to selling your alt..... spamming wc (with new alt names everyday) ....... and selling HH... well last parts over i am guessing since by now you must have found enough suckers to sell to unless you stole some new ones. oh not to forget over using the lvl10 gear glitch on all your alts you sell for $15 per. sad whoever paids for that crap lol

    oh and don't think your helping na57 at all. i know people have quit over low life spenders like you
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    If people quit over "low life spenders" aka good players then they were probably trash at the game anyways and their opinions are irrelevant. I at least know balrogs name. And i only know important people, probably explains why i've never heard of you muted. You come off as one of those server hopping nooblords that b*tches about how the top players play knowing damn well that's how it is on every single server
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    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth
    Sickness has a valid point.

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    you never heard of me cause this is not my gamer name, and its not skill to use a bot on 300 alts use profits from those alts to fund main account to be able to even have a single good piece to a account. not to mention lvl10 gear glitch which hasn't been told to everyone (i do know, don't ask me) i can do exactly what they do and have on a small scale. but it only made the game boring and unfair. so quiet down about things you don't know mmmk?

    p.s. i respect those top player who don't spend and use very little alts (botting is fine with me its just a entire state of alt is a little over the top) na56 alliance 222 if anyone remembers

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    hell just noticed you only have 4 severs under your belt all age 2...... come on. if you didn't play this before age 2 came out then you can't call yourself a experience player (least play some age 1 before or after age 2) if it wasn't for the graphics being painful to look at i don't think anyone would play age 2 at this point. want me to pull up some old forum about sellers being a problem or other evony stuff?

    play when no bots exists, attacking someone was worth something lol. check old forum. a lot less problems and a lot less problem with scum like you.

    honor meant something maybe i should make that my tag on this
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