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Thread: Won the battle and lost a her

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    Default Won the battle and lost a her

    I have never seen this before and was wondering if anyone else has?

    I won the battle and the troops are returning to my city... Heroless...

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    you didn't win the battle. scouts can't break walls. i mean the unseen part that doesn't fight back. image yours a scout with a dagger against a stone wall with archers........ they just die and you get nothing. no resources or loy lower. it painly says you were defeated i might add.


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    Muted tried. But let me give you a more logical explanation. Walls have a fortification value aka durability. Which basically means if there are no troops left on defense the attacking troops have to have a greater attack value than the durability of the walls. Scouts cannot beat the durability of the walls due to their low attack. Hence why scout bombs always last 100 rounds even if the defending city is empty. Which brings me to my next point. You technically won the battle since you killed the defending troops. However if you notice the battle lasted 100 rounds and when the battle lasts 100 rounds defenders win by default so you actually lost. So that is why you lost your hero even though you killed all the defending troops.
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    simple works best sometimes. getting complex can confuse

    one thing that does baffle me is lost hero when only AT left. did the archers leave there post to recover the hero or did citizens??? whats the reasoning behind this
    if citizens then i need to recruit them to take heros haha
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