Evony did a way overdue NPC clear 5 days ago on Server 189. Yay! It resolved issues.

Today the did another flat clear, but each and every NPC from 0,0 to 799,60 was removed!

Evony had literally taken a 60 mile wide grader and moved it horizontally across the map. Imagine each and every NPC in the red block on this image of the Evony world gone:

I'd like to ask Evony how this is fair or otherwise ties in with Evony's stated policies (apart from trying to distance themselves from their own mistakes)?

Consider Alliances tend to be state bound. Any alliance in the four top states has been severely disadvantaged.
Atm some players are considering abandoning this server.
Others are debating charge backs since they recently coined to clear out junk npcs to build the perfect 10 field and are now surrounded by level 1 flats.
Some players have all their cities with no npc field, no way to feed their army.They would have to move all their cities to survive (or coin on the Free Forever game)

One heck of a way of killing a server, not keeping it alive, Evony.

I would suggest Evony look at what went wrong, roll back and fix it. I'm sure this was a glitch. Surely nobody can be as dumb as to think this would work?