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Thread: SS53 shout out

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    Default SS53 shout out

    ok well been at it for a long time, although came to the forums late have been an avid reader of it over the years. Figured it was time to start a thread on the one and only server i play on. Lets see who out there is still alive and kicking from the glory years, and post info on the current goings on at SS53.

    Current alliances on SS53

    MYT - top ranked alliance has some massive accounts and massive army's controls 3/4 of the server (oh and my target of choice for years!)

    NoblWolf - some of the best defender's i have ever come across over the years

    357 - the hard hitting and thus hated crew of mega coiners!

    GEO - have hung in there over the years is a mix of people from many past and current alliances mostly farmers

    Indulge - another group of the smaller farmers that have hung on

    every other alliance is a group of accounts to support the above 5

    Current War's

    pretty much the same war that has been going on for years

    MYT vs NoblWolf
    MYT vs 357

    GEO and Indulge pretty much sit out the wars and assist MYT under threat of MYT hitting them, but for the most part stick to what ever area they are in.

    The battle with MYT has been a long and drawn out war, many players have been limbo'd and thus quit over the years as well as some have been burnt out and just walked away. MYT has forced many many players to leave SS53 although they have taken many lumps along the way as well.
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    alliance history

    MYT which was Lore just last year is comprised of (and yes please others can post so i can edit in the future)

    Defiant (who were defeted by Frantic and merged with Lore to survive)
    TAZ Tax and all their versions (i don't recall them all who were defeted by THUGZ/H4H and merged with lore to survive)
    Warmongers (beaten by NoblWolf and merged with LORE to survive)
    AntiFuz Fuzfuz (beaten by H4H and merged to lore 2)
    lore2 (beaten by H4H and aegis and merged to lore)

    plus they have recruited a few here and there from other alliances


    Atlantis (some of the players from atlantis went to noble when atlantis split in 2, Atlantis was a previous merger of Aegis, Elite, H4H)
    Unity (don't recall what happened to Unity)
    *******s (don't recall what happened to *******s)
    Bloodoath (merged to Aegis)
    Elite - merged with Atlantis
    vanguard - merged with Elite


    Frantic - changed to 357 during the time when half of Atlantis either went to NoblWolf or Frantic)
    lore 3 (sort of ended by lore but all that happened was the name got changed
    THUGS - (ended by vanguard/elite, became MOAB then H4H, then members are all over most have retired)


    hodge podge of players from all over


    hodge podge of players from all over

    Happy Hunting!

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    This will be what i have witnessed and been a part of, others can put their two cents in as well

    i started SS53 as a member of THUGS, a small group of heavy hitting coiners that dominated the server, we were blue with lore at server merge and red with everything else. When THUGS ended i moved on with the few that were left and did a run with MOAB and then H4H. Took some time away from the game and when i came back i joined friends in Aegis who were in a war with LORE and frantic. Aegis merged up with Elite/vanguard/H4H and became Atlantis and then shortly after that split in two and half went to Noblwolf and the other half to Frantic. I went to Frantic which then became 357 due to constant ghosting issues and the fact that evony has yet to prevent that from happening.

    Lore and 357 were in a heated war, and between a few players retiring, a couple getting limbo'd by LORE, and a few leaving for the safety of GEO which were blue with lore i was recruited by LORE.

    Was a shock to say the least to have the Red i was warring with for years ask me to join, but when the opportunity presented it self, how could i say no!

    and thats where the story gets interesting!

    2014 was a wild year, learned how LORE was able to fill a state in minutes, move in and out with ease into any state, keep an eye on red accounts and pounce the moment they go into peace time. Every account in the alliance was watched and skype updated if being hit or scouted. I was extremly impressed with the lvl of technology they had at their disposal. Once I had access to it all it made perfect sense why so many players had gone to the dark side! The game was easy mode, if you wanted a spot just ask in skype and seconds later poof you had a spot!, you wanted to be buffed, poof you were buffed, you wanted a gate broken, poof it was broken!

    It was not all wonderful though! shortly into it the infamous instant march became a problem on the server, trillions upon trillions of res were being looted out of LORE. City's were getting instant wiped of troops, no where was safe. Now with that said, holiday was still safe and being i am a major coiner once burned twice shy!

    then to add to it Evony finds out about all these wonderful awesome tools at LORES disposal and sends a mail to the entire alliance to stop using it or else. Well guess what, no one stopped and then one day at maint 900 accounts at over 8000 city's all get reset, poof gone no longer on the map.

    was hard to learn that my 5 year old account with the #2 hero on the server and at the time 30k coin on it was gone. However some how Evony found it in their heart to restore all 900 accounts, although they put all 8000 citys at 0,0. Yes every account and every city all sitting in one spot. plus every city had zero buildings in them, not even a town hall, and no hero's. We all still had our troops and our res. With no town hall though and no hero's you could do nothing but sit and watch your troops eat your food away! So back in holiday again!

    but wait, evony comes to the rescue again and this time we get our citys back, and our hero's and in fact they even added a special bonus and gave over half the accounts glitched troops! hundreds of millions of mechs/trans/calv and billions of archer were no collectively spread through out the alliance.

    not everyone got the glitch however a few kind souls in the alliance were more than willing to share some of their gain.

    so now 900 accounts are now spread across the entire server from 0,0 to 0,10 and 800 miles across the server (just happen to be the same spot that evony just did the massive flat wipe on many servers). so now everyone has to port their stuff around, while at the same time mgmt in LORE has chosen to re- assign grids, some people lose their areas others gain new ones. Just have to love the way they added salt to a wound! People start to grumble and moral is at an all time low, not to mention the instant march is still an issue.

    so now i have a player ask me if i want to jump ship with him and go back to 357, and after getting reset being in lore it really sounded like a great idea! at the same time i had players offering me troops that they got glitched in exchange for vesta swaps, so now i am building up a nice army sitting alliance less post reset because lore changed their name to MYT. so i either go to MYT or go back to 357 who i left to go to lore! the host of 357 skypes me up and says he will take me back no issue, so now i know it's not a set up.... or wait was it!

    while working with lores host to recieve the troops we discussed he caps my top hero? no worries i have the medals to get it back but then he truces the account? then the next day they boot me from skype! guees it was a set up because the player that asked me to move to 357 with him was setting me up!

    live and learn i guess!

    all good now though, have the top hero on the server now, and i get to go back to beating on LORE/MYT which is always lots of fun!

    will follow up from here on out with just battle rpts and of course updates and edits if others add info
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    little fun from last night attacking the person who snagged my hero, hate to see my old hero defending but it's war, it happens!

    target had 100mill archer shield with big int hero defending, looping at's on the wall. i delayered it and timed 50/50 and jaq's best i could to chew through the archers.

    not all the reports are great, but it is a archer def with a big int hero!

    ok lost 4 attack hero's and had to call it after that, killed 89mill archers plus all the layers so i could jaq when i could.

    Happy Hunting!

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    some past hit highlights, most time i get very little time on target with auto port and quick to truce targets but i went back and found some reports from the past few months

















    Happy Hunting!

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    Yesterday I get a call from a team mate that i am getting called out in world chat. So i figure it was time to dust off the def hat and give it a crack, i mean really i could not let them try and smear my name without at least putting in an apperance.

    wish i was better at this and got screen shot's and saved a ton of reports, but this is more about the rant in WC then anything else!

    i had 1 of my city's in boho and i ported a single city to franc (thier state), where the bulk of the fight occured

    hitman with 2 city's
    spart with 2 city's
    a$$hitter with 1 city
    Samo with his entire hub (his 9 city's plus all his alts)

    and erak who was just sending scouts

    i saved 3 rpts to pretty much sum up what the attackers were doing and the rest is for all to enjoy reading!

    [SPARTACUS]: all those troops and you do nothing im asking you to bring your phi acc out right now???? you upto it????
    fenleab]: fido has always been a coward
    SPARTACUS]: phi plz speak up with all these nobl accs you bought
    SPARTACUS]: every single time me or HIT have ported into you or your fighting alts you port out how come?????
    HITM4N]: not worth your speakers bro hes a loser everyone on ss53 knows that
    HITM4N]: save them for our group mails hehehehehehehehehe
    Samo]: he keep saying no one attacks me as soon some one attacks he run so now he knows why? waste of time
    HITM4N]: cant wait though for his usual BS now thats gonna be a popcorn front seat situation
    Phidaux]: ok you two, you want a crack at me, see if port?
    Phidaux]: where you want to do this?
    Phidaux]: spart, cords?
    SPARTACUS]: i just said check your rodent acc but its 396,377
    Phidaux]: you have 2 hours, lets see what you can do!
    SPARTACUS]: hopefully you will stay open??
    Phidaux]: gates are open for the next 2 hours, DT already set for 2 hours from now, enjoy!
    SPARTACUS]: seems fair enough phi
    Phidaux]: if you last the entire 2 hours i will give you props in WC!
    SPARTACUS]: ok sure thing but i think we have more than 2 hours tbh
    AS****TER]: can i join :P
    Phidaux]: bring whoever you want, it's your 2 hours to see if i port!
    Phidaux]: took what 6 of you to cap out grouch over 4 hours and it was not building walls or healing!
    Phidaux]: i like my odds!
    Phidaux]: you not sending again?
    AS****TER]: remove walls fill FH?
    AS****TER]: wont take me 4 hours
    Phidaux]: lol
    Phidaux]: your wasting your 2 hours guys!
    AS****TER]: not me i workd 11 hours today
    Phidaux]: hello? you two fall asleep already?
    Phidaux]: you going to hit me at the same time samo? go for it bud! you deserve some pay back for your shrinking hub!
    DAISYCUTER]: time for hols mode phi make your excuses that you have your kids again
    Phidaux]: lol, they still have time! like i said set DT for 2 hours from the start!
    yup32]: the agreement was with 2 players not with more than that
    yup32]: Samo was not included!
    HITM4N]: phi said bring any1 in right????
    Phidaux]: i will take as many as they can muster
    AS****TER]: cords'
    Phidaux]: i am at 396,377
    AS****TER]: i want door step
    Phidaux]: spanks has both of them, ask her to move a city
    Phidaux]: 396,378 or 395,377 ask your team mate to move!
    Phidaux]: and why not sending any more? do i need to make the attack script for you two as well?
    Phidaux]: lets see how this next set goes, maybe i will extend it an hour!
    Phidaux]: guys i can save you the time, gates will stay open, no scouts in the city so easy to get a rpt anytime you want
    Phidaux]: really? a lvl 69 hero? what did you think that would do?
    AS****TER]: lol its a spam hero lol
    Phidaux]: with a 50/50 mech wave?
    AS****TER]: sure why not protects my 1k heros
    AS****TER]: fill ur hall for me
    Phidaux]: i take it spart and hit quit?
    HITM4N]: nope
    Phidaux]: ok back, was gone for a few on a beer run i miss much?
    Erak]: ok, back Phid ... did u break the date?
    Erak]: ahh InPhidelious, cannot rely on you can i?
    Phidaux]: lol, come on over!
    Phidaux]: so should i extend this an hour or are you all done now?
    Phidaux]: so do you all want another hour?
    AS****TER]: hasnt even been 2 hours
    Phidaux]: and where is erak? you have your choice of where hit/spart and a$$ are or you can go help samo
    Phidaux]: you coming Erak, you have 4 other team mates hitting me and i am offering you to join in, don't be scared!
    SPARTACUS]: dont play big mans games phi
    Phidaux]: lol, you called me out did you not?
    Phidaux]: lets see if the 4 of you can kill what i killed alone on witi the other day!
    Erak]: I'm waiting for all those cavs and phrats u killed yesterday to get up to my WC
    SPARTACUS]: phi we has an alliance killed alot more than what youve killed singular
    Phidaux]: lol, if you count the 3 offline accounts you all killed yes
    1234]: phi your about 30mins out with your 2 hrs
    Phidaux]: so do you all want another hour or not? i see ahitter left already
    Phidaux]: hello?
    SPARTACUS]: do your stuff phi
    Phidaux]: what stuff, you all called me out. your quitting before the 2 hours are up?
    Phidaux]: samo, hitman, spart and ahitter all quit?
    Phidaux]: and you called me out?
    SPARTACUS]: did you set dream truce phi??
    Phidaux]: like i said i will extend it an hour
    SPARTACUS]: and you havent
    Phidaux]: gives you another 90 min
    Phidaux]: because you and your 3 team mates failed today, you talked big and did not back it up!
    SPARTACUS]: you wont coz you wont give us the time when were online
    Phidaux]: lol! i just did!
    Phidaux]: and i hit poor erak when she is online all the time!
    SPARTACUS]: we shall see phi we shall see
    Phidaux]: all good spart, you stepped to the plate today, so props for that. i can add you to jugs and ahitter as people bold enough to do it!
    SPARTACUS]: i dont need props you just to wake up tbh
    Phidaux]: but you failed as they did, jugs was able to kill more with less and ahitter... well he can give erak a run for her money as awful attacker!
    SPARTACUS]: upto you phi what you think but i will warn you that darkmatter warned you not to go against LORE right
    SPARTACUS]: you was warned is all im saying
    SPARTACUS]: yup32 is that 1 of those many accs i see c h e a t i n g ?
    Phidaux]: lol, been fighting lore for what 4 years now? how many citys of mine have you wiped?
    Phidaux]: and you tried to claim today i port away but was it not jugs and samo that ported entire hubs away from me multiple times?
    Phidaux]: and did reaps not start his holiday hide because i looted him out weekly for 6 months?
    Phidaux]: and did i not wipe both you and hit multiple times when you had a b0ner for druglord?
    Phidaux]: please don't come into WC after you just got schooled and called me out and failed!
    roscoe88]: did he give your ENTIRE aliance a chance to send at him offline and 'prove your worth?'
    SPARTACUS]: youve wiped 1 of my farming cities out
    roscoe88]: oh - well you did!!!!
    Phidaux]: i had you hit and ebs all wiped out and you ran to lore from lore2 because you could not hang!
    SPARTACUS]: you want creds for that phi??
    SPARTACUS]: youve never stood upto me and HIT alone(well warcities at that)
    Phidaux]: umm i just did and you had samo and ahitter to help you!
    Phidaux]: and mind you with a single city, gates open the entire time, and no troop movement!
    Phidaux]: so whats your excuse?
    SPARTACUS]: phi is never offline
    Phidaux]: oh yeah and i left to go get beer!
    Phidaux]: epic fail!
    Phidaux]: oh and erak was busy trying to descout me at the same time!
    Phidaux]: again, you can brag about off bot offline kills, you know your out matched!
    SPARTACUS]: phi get a grip buddy what about your hubs
    Phidaux]: i have one, it's the red light district as lore named it, and all that have come have left in failure!
    SPARTACUS]: it is what you think i guess
    Phidaux]: but your welcome to come try! see if you do better with a little city
    Phidaux]: you keep talking spart, more and more will see how obtuse you are!
    SPARTACUS]: my WC is bigger than yours i think
    Phidaux]: exactly! you think! thats your problem!
    SPARTACUS]: lol you cant calc it?
    Phidaux]: i have no need, my jr bat can handle you!
    SPARTACUS]: phi you have about 50m archers than me but i have about 10m pults than you work it out bud
    Phidaux]: ok you bore me spart, i hope you think before you speak next time because your writing checks your a$$ can't cash!
    Phidaux]: gnight spart, wish i could say you suprised me tonight, however you came up short!
    SPARTACUS]: you didnt surprise me port or DT is the thing i cant hit that
    SPARTACUS]: but im sure there is another episode
    SPARTACUS]: 396,377 does that say dream truce??
    Phidaux]: lol, i offered you 120 min, you hit for 78 and then i offerd you another 60 min after that!
    SPARTACUS]: you failed in that aswell lol
    SPARTACUS]: no worries i no for future reference
    Phidaux]: if you want i can give you the last 60 min if your game for it
    Phidaux]: spart you deserve lore! you fit in well there!
    Phidaux]: and defiant was a great addition to lore, they fit in perfect!
    Phidaux]: but be glad you all are a collection of players that I FORCED TO GO THERE! because i would not allow you to be on my team!
    SPARTACUS]: phi sux eggs
    Phidaux]: lol, i log 6 hours a week and do more damage in those 6 hours then you do in a year!
    Phidaux]: ok i am off to bed, enjoy having 4 of you talk smack and getting owned by a single city
    SPARTACUS]: thats your opinion shane
    Phidaux]: really, opinion? did 4 of you call me out? yes, did 4 of you port on me? yes, did i give you 120 min to hit? yes
    Phidaux]: and did 1 port away at 60 min and 1 stop after a single set and the last two quit at 67 and 78 min? of course because you can't hang!
    Phidaux-: and yes i also offerd an additional 60 min and you failed to take it because your out matched!

    Happy Hunting!

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    ate another 20+mill archers for final target before i called it a night last night. Target was online and still letting me get a few decent hits in!

    they ate another couple attack hero's due to the stone of "NEVER" finding still not working as fast as they dismiss, but still killed as much as they did from my single city as they did in the previous post from 6 players and 15 city's.

    Happy Hunting!

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    few reports from last night, had the same crew port in on me while i was out hitting so got to play def to the tune of a bill honor!

    of course while they were giving me a nice chunk of honor i was still able to run some trans on them!

    Phidaux: did i just loot 3 bill off you while online?
    Phidaux: while your trying to hit me i might add
    SPARTACUS: 3b is alittle like nothing compared to what you just lost???? you will need more than that to rebuild those 10m archers
    Phidaux: lol
    Phidaux: no scouts guys! keep it up!
    Phidaux: really 7 city's vs 1 and you not sending?
    Phidaux: lol, this is fun!

    Happy Hunting!

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    you have 400million archers. they should be attacking with multiple cities. i don't see why you would bother mentioning the amount of people/alts attacking you. with that stupid troop count you should just keep your feasting full rather then capping other peoples heros to endorse them hitting you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamme View Post
    you have 400million archers. they should be attacking with multiple cities. i don't see why you would bother mentioning the amount of people/alts attacking you. with that stupid troop count you should just keep your feasting full rather then capping other peoples heros to endorse them hitting you.
    they are attackin from multiple city's as well as multiple accounts

    the mention of how many players/city's is because i attacked from a single city and killed 10 mill archers on my target, they port in 6 accounts and 17 city's and only are able to do the same!

    and if you could see the troop counts i am up against you would be more understanding of mine! as far as leaving the hall full so no hero's are capped, i would love if that could happen but seems they love to cap my hero's. No matter how much timed spam i send, i lose an attack hero just about every night i port sometimes more.

    If you would like to come convince them to keep halls full i would gladly do the same!

    Happy Hunting!


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