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Thread: Hello - Post your best cities wipes and reports!

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    Well gonna try to bring back this thread again lol recently The_Just has declared war on Dacia and all of its alts in order to spice up SS38, sadly i deleted over 1000 reports worth of scout bombs splattering against my rams so i dont have a ton of reports to show but i do have a few

    First of was me(TJ) versus EvenTide from Dacia =first hit on EvenTide =Final hit on EvenTide

    sadly,those are the only ones i have saved not epic hits or anything just a first hit vs last hit type of thing I believe he was online at the time because after the last hit he truced and i just kinda sat there waiting for him to untruce, however before he untruced the next day KELLYKIKUM from Dacia ported in and started sending at me luckily i had both of my warcities ther so i was able to move out most of my archers and layers so i didnt lose em all cause i was in 5k. =SF vs KELLYKIKUM (first hit) =SF vs KELLYKIKUM =SF vs KELLYKIKUM (last hit with report)

    Once again nothing absolutly breathtaking but i was very happy to have some mech vs mech waves land, after those 3 waves KELLY ported to a random flat like 40 miles away and her MaDDiNGo and i believe Apogee started sending SBs at MY cities one of my cities lost about 2-2.5million archers the other city lost about 250k rams and they sent over 1000 reports of SBs which is over 100 million scouts so i got my gates back let some more scouts splatter on the walls waited like 10-15 minutes after they stopped hitting and than ported home to rebuild the mechs i lost.

    nothing special but it was a TON of fun! thank you to Dacia for being challenging and honorable opponents.

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