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Thread: sssooooo who is eric?

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    i didnt really care it just seemed to fit with the dr seuss feel that this had so far
    Dr. Seuss wished he could be Chicago, and then he died.

    Less QQ more PewPew

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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    Flashing a city cap across the top of your screen.


    Eric was some guy on the internet who thought he'd came and saw and conquered....then remembered he was on the internet..... and he'd really just came. And sobbed. And conked out. He spent too much time on here. And now he's gone. R.I.P.
    [NawtyArwyn]: oh yeah we all want you blacky
    [Blackhands]: ahaha! evidence! i have a new forum sig!
    [MsMeeka]: definetly.....why you think i stay with this stupid game? its you blacky. :P
    [Blackhands]: i knew it! :P
    [NawtyArwyn]: grrr how do i always get trapped into giving you new stuff for your sig?

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    sighs* classic evony players' indifference lol


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