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Thread: Ss59 server merge

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    Default Ss59 server merge

    We on SS59 NEED a server merge, there is no war, all we are doing is clearing all inactives but we are stagnant now. We have spent a lot of time and money on this game and have been on SS59 for 4 years now..we're overdue a server merge

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    yep we need a merge

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    Stop making alts... delete your alts... Go into holiday for 4-5 months... Im sure your get your merge
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    Must agree with you on that point. Also probably their own choice to not have war anyways.

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    Yep I gotta agree with all of the above. No active wars = no spending = nobody left on the server. MERGE MERGE MERGE

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    SS59 has been in need of a merge for several years, over the past 2 years we have lost alot of good COINING players on the server, At the moment there are no wars, no new accounts being added to ss59 (those that are not with the top alliances soon are killed and encouraged to start new servers). We have always hoped for a merge but now are actively seeking one. Before we lose more players to other games we need a merger to motivate us. We do appreciate the few new items added over the past years but it isnt enough to keep players if the game isnt growing and expanding to challenge us. I sincerely hope that we do get a merger soon since to those still hanging in on ss59 are soley there for the people we have adopted into our lives over the past 5 years- and that wont keep us satisfied much longer with new and exciting games coming out that embrace the "alliance" gaming mode as well as evolve with its customers (and have actual customer reps that are not computer generated).

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    I feel ss59 has lost the ability to retain members and see many friends ready to quit. I sense an immediate need to merge into a new server before the entire group remaining depart forever. Please try to breathe life into this 4 year old server as we have been left behind to rot despite being dedicated loyal customers from the start of evony just over 5 years ago. I have no idea why we were abandoned while other servers were catered to unless our financial support of evony was overly generous. I will continue to play on this account but will not reset to start fresh so it is crucial that you prevent my friends from disappearing or I too will lose all interest in maintaining this farce any longer

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    We have been on this server for 4 years its now dead and a merge is def needed

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    That is right we need a merg
    No war means much less money spent
    If we get a server merg we can Guarantee that the spending would at least tripple
    no point in spending money atm

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    It has been over 4 years since ss59 has had a server merger. We have no active wars so the need to coin now is minimal. This Easter promo we have spent just a small fraction of what we normally do and spent very little on the previous 2 promos as well. With no active wars there is no need to spend. We have lost many players since the first of the year and those remaining are bored. Give us new life with a server merger.


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