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Thread: Ss59 server merge

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    We spent so much money and time to start from scratch

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    18,210 accounts, a nice spread of 2-3k hero's, accounts in the 1.5 bill prest range. Seems your server is quite active, although it may only be at farming and building bigger hero's and larger army's in the hopes you get a merge.

    Like it has been posted many times, by many people including rep's of Evony over the years

    Merges are done based on server activity, and if your server has lots of accounts loging to farm/medal farm/ alt farm/ treb farm, etc. daily then from Evony's end your server is active.

    Not trying to be mean, not trying to say you should not get a merge, just pointing out the facts to you.

    and to coin or not to coin has never had any effect on a merge. far more people coined in the past when merges happened often.

    Best of luck to you all on SS59!
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    Happy Hunting!


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