When fleet feet first came out back around Na41 I thought it was a cool addition to the game. But now on 57 i am seeing how it has completely ruined pvp.

Before FF came out alliances would either fight vs. a 5k defense or camp a 4 second hit to clear walls and clean out the defense before the defender could get walls back up.

With the addition of FF all it takes it 2 people with two Fleet feet active sending 10 waves of spam non stop to keep someones walls down while the rest of the hitters just send tradefire waves over and over. Theres literally nothing you can do on defense to prevent it besides having more troops than everyone that is hitting you, closing gates (which the attackers can just break them open) or moving troops out.

Before FF people knew how to set up phract and cavalry Jaqs and actually use them. Now it seems the only thing people know how to do is drop walls and tradefire over and over until the city is cleared.

This also increases alting, because if you know you are going to be tradefired your only real option is to mass archers. Say you run 10 alt accounts and have 20m archers on your main account. You see someone with 40m archers. You normally could beat them in a 5k defense. But with FF they will just drop your walls and tradefire you taking advantage of their superior troop counts. So now if you don't want to lose everything you have you have to make more alts to keep up with everyone else.

I am honestly considering 57 to be my last age 2 server because pvp has just become absolutely horrible. I dont even bother building phracts any more because i cant jaq a city on age 2 that has 60m + arch in it and my only viable option is to tradefire which would require me to have MORE than 60m arch. I guess that is more of an alting problem than a FF problem but i honestly do believe that FF has caused the game to stray away from skillful pvp and turned into mindless tradefiring that is completely dependent on who has more troops and not who is better at the game.

Me and my alliances on previous servers would plan out a break on a city, port in and camp waves at it to break it in 4-5 seconds. Now i find myself tallying up fleet feet and taking archer counts so we can go drop walls and tradefire someone.

With 57 being my first age 2 server since 41 it is just mind boggling to me on how dumbed down pvp is these days.