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Thread: About Troop Upkeep and How to manage?

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    Default About Troop Upkeep and How to manage?

    I just started and my city has 2 farm 2 quarry and rest are half sawmill half ironmine.
    I am having - food upkeep which is kind of annoying. I can sell iron and lumber and buy food.
    But what is best way to manage this problem? Should I build a city just for food?

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    Wow a nooby, Your kind is pretty rare round these parts pardner'

    Firstly, if you only have 2 farms and 2 quarrys, You shouldn't have upkeep. Don't build troops until you can feed a few. Then work on building farm teams and upgrading your res buildings. once you can (And i know this is harder on age 2 due to disappearing Npcs) attack npcs for a bit of extra food and resources.

    For the first part as a new player, find yourself an alliance. They will help you out with resources and such if they can. Once you become self sufficient, you can help them out in return.

    Best of luck on your evony journey. Oh and don't expect to save a princess, it doesn't happen.

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    I suggest farm, farm, farm

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    I used to play evony back in 08/09 and the same issue was there as well, I have one city now and still in beginners protection....I do have 5 level 5 farms and my troop upkeep keeps going higher in the - red ???....


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