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Thread: NA59 *Get ready it approaches fast.

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    Smile NA59 *Get ready it approaches fast.

    00 Now recruiting for NA59

    I understand Na58 just came out about one week ago, But this will give us about 2-3 months to come out with a strong alliance before Na59 starts. (My prediction about June 15th server start)

    There are A couple reasons why I am coming out with an alliance.

    1. I miss hosting I've been playing Evony on and off for about 5-6 years now... And I just miss having this game around. I plan on being on about 12 hours a day just checking up on the alliance probably 15 hours for the first couple of days when the server comes out.
    2. Evony is starting to get dominated in the end by just one alliance... After about 10 weeks I feel the server is starting to slowly die. I plan to keep it alive by putting up a fight!

    Now that you know some reasons why I want to be hosting Na59 I will tell you more about my experience because I feel the best way to recruit an alliance is for the alliance to know that the host knows what hes doing and is qualified to lead 100 soldiers into battle.

    I've played servers Na 34,42,44,47,51,53,54,55. Now that's quite a bit of servers... The reason I've played so much servers is just because I just started to lose some interest in them because my alliance kept getting crushed. And if we weren't crushed we would crush and it would get boring that way. So I've sold all my previous accounts and want a new start. I've coined more than I can count and plan to coin more. I've held a 14 before and helped take 16's.

    Now that you know my experience level and if you feel like I am qualified enough to fight side by side next to you to the end, I would like to discuss some of my plans for the alliance.

    Alliance plans for 00



    Communication-Skype (Not required for members. But required for Officers+ meetings will be held every couple days to explain our next maneuver.)

    Facebook-Required (FB group will be created.) < Great way to get resources and get some quick calvs the first couple of weeks.

    Coining-Not required (Coining is not required I believe experience is far more important.)

    Brothers/Sister alliances-Nothing is certain until after the server has started.

    Training alliances-No (I'm sorry I believe farm is a little more important)

    Prestige requirement-Not really if so really low...(PRESTIGE DOES NOT MATTER) - A person with 100k pres can kill a guy with 300k easily... Most hosts make prestige requirements to be on top. I would rather be 4th and have an alliance come out late game.

    Positions-Loyalty earns positions, Positions will be given out on Fb or Skype group.

    This is all off the top of my head so I might be missing some information.

    If you have any questions please ask.


    (I'm starting a Fb group. If your interested please add me and I'll add you to our group.)
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